Maximize your earnings with Clixsense: the complete guide to the best GPT available on the web

Maximize your earnings with Clixsense: the complete guide to the best GPT available on the web.

ClixSense is a “Get Paid To” site (GPT) that was founded in February 2007. Clixsense was, initially, a PTC site and offered users the ability to earn only through their clicks on various ads. 

In July 2017, ClixSense changed its business model to stop its core business, PTC ads, and focus on surveys, tasks and offers wall.

ClixSense regularly pays its members since 2007 and is, to all intents and purposes, the leading site of its kind.

How to register on Clixsense

Signing up for Clixsense is completely free and it will be enough to spend no more than 5 minutes.

You can subscribe to Clixsense simply by clicking here.

The steps to follow are really easy, intuitive and fast: 

  • enter the required data (email, username, password, etc …) and click on “Signup Now”;
  • wait for the confirmation e-mail and click on the link inside;
  • login to the site by clicking on “Sign In”
  • complete your profile (personal data and payment preferences) and save.

How to make money with Clixsense

Now that you are a Clixsense member, you will surely want to know what are the methods to make money..

Initially, the site may disorient you, but to make sure you really need a minimum effort.

I will explain in detail the various sections of the site that will present themselves to help you understand how I can earn about 200 euros a month thanks to this fantastic GPT.


In this section you will be paid to complete some surveys. The studies that will offer you even more than two euros will not be few, all lies in being able to qualify between the number of users sought or between the type of users.

At the bottom of the site, however, you will find the fixed panels, on which you can click to see if each of them offers a survey matched to your profile. All surveys are instantly credited, with the exception of invitatory surveys marked with a red flag that could be credited even after 30.

Make sure you reach the “Congratulations!” Page to receive your credit every time you have completed a survey!

Sometimes, completing a survey, or simply qualifying for it, may not be easy: be patient and do not give up! The money on Clixsense will certainly not be given away, but if you commit yourself, you will be able to earn a lot of money for your extra expenses!


On the other hand, the Offers are, as the name suggests, well-paid offers.

Among the free offers you can find paying advertising videos or additional surveys, site registrations, online games, apps or programs to download and so on. The offers are simple to complete and will be accredited immediately!

There are also paid offers, which offer excellent compensation for minimum charges. They are usually credited following careful checks: cashback on purchases, deposit on online casinos, subscription to services, etc …

If one of the offers is not accredited, you can send a ticket with proof of completion to have it credited.


The Tasks are nothing but short “tasks” paid, usually repeatable several times.

To complete the tasks you need to register with FigureEight, read the instructions and answer the questions you will be asked.

Your accuracy will be constantly detected: on average you will need to get at least 75% correct answers to receive accreditation and continue that specific task.

There are three levels to unlock: they will guarantee you greater availability of tasks and better compensation.

The completed tasks are credited instantly: each task pays from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50 … but some offer higher rewards, up to $ 2.


Clixsense will guarantee you a bonus if you can complete 5 minimum goals during the day:

Complete 10 Tasks, or 2 Offers, or an Offer and 5 tasks.

The daily bonus is 10% of your daily income. The percentage can increase up to 14% or 16%. You can unlock extra goals thanks to the ClixAddon or thanks to your constancy (Activity). To benefit from 16% of the “Activity” item of the daily bonus, you will need to complete the bonus for three days in a row.

If reached, the daily bonus is credited when the ClixSense server is reset.


The ClixAddon is a browser add-on that alerts you when there are invitations and available surveys; you can download it directly from Clixsense.

To get the extra bonus it is necessary that the “Survey notifications” of the addon is checked and that the addon is active for at least 60 minutes during the day.


You can increase your earnings thanks to Referrals (or Affiliates). The refs are all those who sign up for ClixSense through your affiliate link (found in the Account Summary profile).

You will earn a small percentage or a fixed amount on any compensation obtained from your members.

How to receive payments from Clixsense

Clixsense issues daily payments using Payoneer, Tango Card, Dwolla or Skrill.

To request a payment on Clixsense, all you have to do is click on the “Cashout” item which will be made available on the account summary page next to your account balance.This item will be available only after reaching the minimum cashout amount which usually ranges from 10 to 20 dollars depending on the payment method you have chosen, and reminds you that Clixsense is allowed to be redeemed once a week.


Personally, I have been using Clixsense for several months. I can spend from 1 to 3 hours a day, which I cut at different times of the day. Every month I can earn around 200 euros. Among all the payments I prefer the Tango Card, which allows me to pass my earnings directly on without paying any kind of fee or commission. I can only advise you to register with Clixsense and advise you to commit yourself, at least at the beginning, to become familiar with the site and understand how easy it will be to earn.

However, I remain available for any questions or clarifications. Do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me on the EasyGuadagno Facebook page.

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