FluxRewards: New paying and easy-to-use GPT to earn money

FluxRewards: New paying and easy-to-use GPT to earn money

FluxRewards is a new reliable and paying GPT website that will let you earn a good amount of money Fluxrewards is online since July 2017. It is an excellent chance to get extra money and it is really easy to learn how to take advantage of all the methods of gain that the site offers. Earning with FluxRewards will be really easy even for the less experienced, especially thanks to the simple and intuitive interface of the GPT site.

As I told you, FluxRewards allows you to make money in a variety of ways. Specifically it will be possible to collect extra money by completing surveys, subscribing to some offers, completing some tasks and some micro jobs, watching videos and inviting others to join the site.

How to sign up

Registering on the GPT FluxRewards website is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. You can subscribe to the site by clicking here and filling out the form with your details. You will be asked to create a password and a username and enter some of your personal data, including your email address, which will be used by FluxRewards to verify your account. When you have verified your account you can finally make your first login to the GPT site. At this point, you just have to complete your FluxRewards profile through your Dashboard, to ensure that there are always surveys in line with your profile.


How to make money with FluxRewards

Compiling surveys and completing offers will be your main source of income on FluxRewards. In detail, here is how you can proceed to grab extra money:

  • In the Offers section you will find some tasks proposed by the site itself. For example, you will be paid to create a review of FluxRewards on YouTube, to follow the social pages of the site and to complete some surveys.
  • In the Video Offers section it will be possible to collect points by watching videos.
  • In the Offers Wall section, there are several tasks that you can do. Some of the most famous Offers Walls are present: Peanut, OfferToro, TapResearch and many others. Simply read the offers and choose which ones you want to complete to see new points credited to your FluxRewards account. Always pay attention to the procedures to be followed to complete the offers and make sure you do everything you need to be able to receive your fee without any problems.

  • In the Referrals section you will find your ref link and some banners that you can use to sponsor it. Inviting your friends to participate in FluxRewards, in fact, will be also an opportunity to earn. When you invite a new person to subscribe to the site via your link, you will receive 10% of his/her earnings. Be careful though, your friend will have to complete at least one of the site’s offers and verify his account if you want to receive his/her bonus.
  • Finally, in the Code Redeem section, you will be given the chance to earn extra money thanks to the promotional codes that FluxRewards will share from time to time on its social pages.

How to receive payments from FluxRewards

Collecting your money on FluxRewards is really quick and easy. All you need to do is reach the minimum threshold of $ 1 to be able to withdraw your earnings with the method you prefer.

On FluxRewards, you will accumulate points for each action that you will successfully complete. 100 points are equivalent to 1 dollar.
Once you have passed 100 points you can choose at any time to go to the Tools section to convert your points into dollars; dollars that will be immediately ready to be collected.

In the Withdraw section, only after you have converted your points, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Bitcoin directly on your Wallet.
Payments can take up to a maximum of 5 days to be processed.
Personally, the payments I received from FluxRewards have never taken more than 48 hours to be credited to my PayPal account.



FluxRewards is a site that belongs to the relatively young GPT category. The site has been online since July 2017 and currently boasts more than 4,000 members and nearly $ 8,000 paid.

I have been using the site on a daily basis for some time and I have never had any problems with cash out. Payments are regular and relatively fast. The simple interface of the site also invites the less experienced to participate and try to make money with the many resources that the site makes available to users. As always, I would like to point out that GPT sites like FluxRewards can not be considered as a primary source of income but, certainly, a good way to round off your monthly income.

It is a site that still few people know, my advice is to take advantage of this situation and take advantage of the offers that FluxRewards makes available to everyone and invite your friends to participate.

Let me know what you think of this new GPT and if you have any doubts or questions please do not hesitate to write me here in the comments or contact me through our Facebook page.

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